Preparing For Our Upcoming Mission Trip

We are currently preparing for our next mission trip to Chinandega, Nicaragua! Our surgical team will be leaving on May 9th and will be returning on the May 16th. We are planning to be performing anywhere from 50- 60 Orthopedic and Hernia surgeries.

photoLOTWC’S surgical team for May Nicaragua Mission Trip:

Theresa Banks RN (Team Leader)

Dr. Nanjappa Subramania

Dr. Jeffrey Lazarus

Mary Torchia MD

Robert Albeck CRNA

Debra Stokes CRNA

Gena Palank RN

Thomas Stokes RN

Louie Teranova Scrub

Beth Compitello Scrub

Gretchen Menikheim Circulator

Arlisha Forbes Circulator

& our non medical

Father Patsy Amabile

Alysha Cooper

We do have a wish-list for this mission trip. If you are able to donate or would like to know more about this upcoming mission, please call us at 772-223-9781 or email us at

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