Pam Penovi, RN, CCRN

Pam Penovi“Come with us. You’ll love it”…. were Jeanne Teter’s words to me one year. I thought, no, not for me.

About a year later for an “unknown reason” I felt inspired……well, you know it has to be God…….and said to her “Please pray hard, I really want to go in February” I felt this overwhelming desire to go on a surgical mission. Where did that come from? I had never thought that in my life. Well….. God! Where else?

I was told, well February is full, but pray anyway, you never know. And,again, God came through. “Theresa said OK we have another spot open” And so I went. I went with the feeling that I would be helping so many people and this would be my gift.

Pam PenoviMaybe it was, however I had no idea of the gifts I would receive during this mission. The patients and families are so incredibly grateful for any help they receive that they radiate joy! That joy is definitely contagious as that was what I felt every day I was there.

When we got up at 5:30 to go to work each day we did it with eagerness and happiness. Now, that’s not something we usually feel every day at work!!

It was so nice to be able to care for these people as a nurse in the capacity nursing was meant to be. We cared for them, not their paperwork and computer work. That, to me, was amazing!!!

It gave us the time to truly feel their joy and their gratitude. I thank God every day for my mission experience with Light of the World Charities and do plan to go on as many missions as I can in the future.

Thank you, Theresa!!!!!

Pam Penovi, RN, CCRN

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