Liz Murphy, RNFA

Liz MurphyIn January of 2010, a devastating earthquake had brought havoc to the Isle of Haiti and its people.

Immediately, following the devastation many medical teams volunteered their help. I felt a personal urgency to help them to.

During the weeks that followed, I applied to many medical teams that were sending aid. After no response, I literally gave up, but still remained hopeful. Then one day in late February, I had just gotten into my car at a shopping plaza, and started thinking about the people in Haiti. To my surprise I looked up at the sky and there in front of me was a beautiful rainbow.

However, this rainbow was different, it was in the shape of a perfect square, and there were no clouds or rain to speak of. At that point, I felt something was going to happen. To my astonishment, the very next day, Christine from LOTWC called and asked me if I would be available to go to Haiti in April. At first, I could not believe it, but then I remembered the rainbow. I said yes, and didn’t even know if I could get time off from work. I just knew I was going to help.

In the end, everything did work out great. I did get the time off and was able to join the team.

In retrospect, I truly believe if you have a calling in your life to do something and if you have the faith and belief in God and yourself, it will happen. It did for me and I was able to give something to the people of Haiti.

Liz Murphy

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