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Love in Action
Julie Smit

Julie SmitIn February, 2010 I had the privilege of joining 18 compassionate volunteers for Light of the World Charities in Comayagua, Honduras. I had read and heard about the wonderful work of Light of the World Charities and was honored to be able to join this surgical group. When first asked, I was excited and apprehensive all at once. I was elated to be chosen and to be offered this opportunity. My fears were that I had never met anyone involved with this organization and that I had never traveled to Central America. After going through customs, I was greeted by the friendly face of Dr. Barbara. He was holding a sign with my name on it and I could not have seen anything better. He is a seasoned volunteer surgeon who graciously spoke about the country, the Friars, the staff, and our patients for the next week. Immediately, my fears were gone and I was anxious for the week to begin.

Monday morning, we met in our hotel’s restaurant and were greeted by Herman, the hotel manager. Herman provides awesome meals which were prepared with concern for our dietary needs. When we had to work over our scheduled time, he held our dinner so it would be hot and delicious upon our arrival. He has a heart for missions and care given to those in need.

As I look back on the weeks events, I am most in awe of those with whom I worked. The surgical and dental volunteers were an amazing group of people. Each person was talented, yet not one used it to define who they were. Each and every person clearly was there to care for those in need. Everyone worked together with a humble heart and one single goal, to care for our patients safely with compassion and skill.

The week could not have happened without the staff, volunteers and faithful supporters of Light of the World Charities. The preparation and planning behind the scenes must be enormous. Without their efforts, we would not have been able to share the gifts and talents which have been given to us with others. Through this experience, I John 3: 18, became very real to me “…let us stop just saying we love people; let us really love them, and show it by our actions”. I thank you for the opportunity to share the blessings that have been given to me with the people of Comayagua, Honduras.

God Bless,
Julie Smit

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