May we answer the call with love and compassion to serve the underserved, to improve their quality of life and at the same time preserve life in all its forms.

Our goal is to alleviate all world suffering one patient at a time and to bring the Light of Love and Hope to those in darkness.


We deliver quality health care to the world’s poor.
We act with dignity, respect, compassion and love, with complete safety for ALL involved.
We provide health care professionals that are properly licensed and credentialed in the area of his/her specialty.
We share skills and knowledge as we deliver health services that will enhance and improve health infrastructures of the areas where we serve.
We are always cost-conscious on behalf of our generous benefactors.


Little Lights Dentistry

In 2016, Light of the World Charities partnered with the Children’s Services Council of Martin County to establish a dental home for underserved children on the Treasure Coast. LITTLE LIGHTS DENTISTRY PROGRAM provides complete dental care for underinsured, uninsured and underprivileged children ages 3-18; AT NO COST. Our fully staffed Dental Team not only alleviates pain for so many who did not have the resources to do so, they rebuild their little patients into happy and healthy children. We provide comprehensive treatment plans, fillings, extractions and routine cleanings. Our program includes education for both the child and caregiver on proper oral hygiene and an emphasis on preventative measures. Our goal is to provide a true dental home with love, are and dignity.

Each child is sent home with a Goodie Bag, containing toothbrush, toothpaste, flossers and mouthwash (Contact us to see how YOU or your organization can be part of the Share-A-Smile Campaign)

Hundreds of marginalized children on the Treasure Coast go to sleep every night with toothaches, cavities and untreated infections, because their parents don’t have the financial means for Dental Services. Dental Insurance and dental visits are last on the list of priorities when a parent is faced with making a choice between feeding her children or keeping the lights on. Some of our little patients have never seen a dental provider by the time they come to us.

  • Early childhood carries (cavities) is the number 1 chronic disease affecting young children
  • Tooth pain keeps many children home from school  or distracted from learning
  • Affected children  don’t participate in social activities because they are embarrassed of their blackened or missing teeth
  • Pain and infection prevents proper nutritional intake

Join us on our Journey to improve the lives of those who cannot help themselves…OUR CHILDREN.



Light of the World Charities (LOTWC) was formed in 1999 by co-founders Reverend Bernard Powell and Mrs. Theresa Banks. The late Father Powell, the founding Pastor of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Palm City, Florida invited Theresa, a registered nurse and parishioner at Holy Redeemer, to address the congregation to promote a stewardship program he was establishing. Mrs. Banks shared her experiences from previous medical missionary trips to Mexico and Bolivia. The church family overwhelmingly responded with volunteers from throughout the community. Father Powell and Mrs. Banks tapped into this volunteer expertise and  established Light of the World Charities (LOTWC), an independent non-profit organization, to sponsor medical/surgical missionary teams in developing countries and the U.S.

1999- LOTWC sends surgical groups to Chiclayo, Peru

2001- LOTWC sends medical groups to Honduras

2004- LOTWC jointly constructs Saint Benedict Joseph Center for medical assistance (SBJ)  in Comayagua, Honduras

2010- LOTWC establishes its first domestic dental program in Palm City to serve indigent and working underprivileged adults

2015- LOTWC establishes Stateside Surgical Program to provide cataract and hernia surgeries for adults in need

2016- LOTWC establishes Little Lights Dentistry Program to provide pediatric dental home for impoverished children on the Treasure Coast