2016 Nicaragua! The May trip is all set!

The May 2016 Nicaragua trip to Chinandega is a “go!”  We are excited to announce that we will be able to help the people on Chinandega, Nicaragua again.  The team, listed below, will be doing multiple types of procedures as we are fortunate enough to have Orthopedic Surgeon Jeffery Lazarus and General Surgeon N. Subramamium filling both of the operating rooms in the hospital.

Again, Very much thanks goes to our team, you all are changing lives.


                          Team Leader:   Theresa Banks RNFA 

Dr. Jeff Lazarus                                             Dr. Orthopedic (knee & hand surgery)

Dr. Subramanian                                           Dr. Gen – Hernia

Dr. Joel Gomez                                              Anesthesiologist

Dr. Mary Torchia                                           Team Leader Anesthesiologist (Float):    

Sergio Alvarez                                               CRNA

Beth Compitello                                            CST Scrub

Donna Batta                                                   RN Circulator

Chloe Harshman                                            CST

Kate Nail                                                         RN Circulator

Pre-Op:     Ivonne Earle RN

Recovery Room:        Annette Foster RN

Sandra Vadas RN

Logistics:  Alysha Cooper                

Non-Medical:   Denise Bonadeo     (Auction winner from the 2016 Annual Benefit Gala).             

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